New Footage Found!

    Just as we were wrapping up work on the film, we made an unexpected discovery which will greatly enrich the film. But we need your help to make this happen.  Filmmaker Susie Rivo recently discovered a trove of additional newsreel footage held by the Boston Public Library from the time of the takeover of 888 Memorial Drive. This footage was not accounted for back when we acquired the original WHDH television newsreels so essential to the story of LEFT ON PEARL. The additional footage includes two days of the takeover itself and much more on the Women's movement and the Riverside Community. 
    As you know, LEFT ON PEARL is almost done, but we want to include the best, most compelling footage and to tell as complete and multidimensional a story as possible. Since the newsreels are now in very poor condition, we won't be able to view and edit them until they have been digitized.   We have already started working with the library on digitization.  The footage requires a lot of prep work before it can be transferred. A lot of it is spliced together with masking tape (!) so these splices need to be redone with proper film splicing tape with sprocket holes before it can be run through a projector.....  
    Even if we only use a portion of this recently unearthed footage in LEFT ON PEARL the new material will be included in our archive and become accessible to a wide audience.  If you are able, please help with digitization project by donating via PayPal on our website or by sending a check made out to 888 Women's History Project, 69 Spring Street, Cambridge, MA 02141.  All donations are fully tax deductible. 
    Any amount will help, and if you have given before, we will add this to your previous donation so you can receive a higher level reward when we send out the final Indiegogo perks.  (DVDs will be sent out for perk fulfillment once the film is finished.) Wishing you all the best for the holidays and a happy, healthy New Year!
    With Gratitude,
    Filmmaker Susie Rivo, Editor Iftach Shavit, and The 888 Women's History Project Collective (Libby Bouvier, Susan Jacoby, Rochelle Ruthchild, and Cheryl Stein)

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    The Film

    On March 6, 1971, International Women's Day marchers turned Left On Pearl and took over a Harvard University building at 888 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, declaring it a Women's Center.

    This action proved transformative for the participants and led to the founding of the longest continously operating community Women’s Center in the U.S. Left On Pearl recounts this little known but highly significant event in the history of the Women’s Liberation Movement.